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Baltimore Dentist | Dental Photography – The Power Of Pictures!

BlogAt the office of Matthew Wallengren, DDS, we use the latest dental technology to provide you with the very best level of care in Baltimore. One of the most powerful tools we use during our comprehensive dentistry procedures is dental photography. Dental photography is very valuable, as both a diagnostic and informative tool. Using advanced

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Dentist in Baltimore | Headaches And Jaw Soreness? TMJ Might Be Causing Your Pain!

About 45 million Americans experience significant, painful headaches regularly. That means that nearly 17% of the population has chronic, hard-to-treat headaches. Often, these headaches are caused by migraines or stress. However, if you are also experiencing jaw pain with your headaches, they may be caused by oral health problems. At the office of Roland Park

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Dentist Baltimore MD | Understanding Worn Teeth

Over our lifetimes, our teeth take quite a beating. Although the enamel of our teeth is incredibly strong, it’s not indestructible. Everyday wear and tear – chewing, teeth grinding and the consumption of acidic foods – and decay can wear down the teeth. This is especially common in older patients as our teeth will age

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