The ease of dramatic smile enhancement with conservative dental bonding and tooth contouring

Matthew Wallengren, DDS, is pleased to offer an array of conservative cosmetic dentistry services to individuals and their families throughout Roland Park, Baltimore, Towson, Sparks, and greater central Maryland. These treatments include dental bonding and tooth contouring. Such services are also where Dr. Wallengren’s artistry and technical expertise really shine! 

Dental bonding 

Bonding involves taking a prepared dental material and applying it to the front surfaces of the teeth in the smile zone to fix cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections include chipped teeth, small fractures, uneven or excess spaces between teeth, and stubborn intrinsic discoloration or severely stained teeth. 

Composite resins are reinforced plastics specially formulated to replicate the appearance and structure of natural tooth material with the addition of glass-like particles and other substances. This material is applied to the teeth to be treated as a pliable putty. Dr. Wallengren then uses his skill to shape this putty. So, it covers up cosmetic flaws in a way that looks and feels natural. Once the resin has been contoured precisely, Dr. Wallengren hardens it to the natural tooth. Modern bonding agents further secure the material to the tooth for utmost durability. 

Bonding can be completed in a single visit. It is generally affordable and can be reversed. Since natural teeth are not altered in the same way as veneers or other restorations, the process is painless and not associated with sensitivity or the need for localized anesthetic. 


Patients with cracked, chipped, and otherwise irregularly shaped teeth can also benefit from teeth reshaping or contouring. If Dr. Wallengren determines that you are an appropriate candidate for this non-invasive procedure, he will start by marking the specific areas of a tooth that need to be reshaped. From there, specialized instruments and techniques are used to smooth or alter rough or irregular edges and surfaces. Like bonding, contouring is well-tolerated, fast, cost-effective, and conservative. 

Dental bonding, teeth reshaping, and other procedures (such as porcelain veneers and professional teeth whitening) can also be expertly planned and administered by Dr. Wallengren for a full-mouth smile makeover! Whatever your needs, you can trust that the appearance and health of your smile and your safety are in great hands at Matthew Wallengren, DDS. We encourage you to contact our Roland Park office in North Baltimore, MD, at (410) 431-1868 with questions or to schedule your smile consultation today.