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Bonding & Contouring

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Bonding & Contouring

Dr. Matthew Wallengren is a family dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry and fantastic, patient-focused dental care.

From cosmetic procedures like dental veneers and teeth whitening to emergency procedures like chipped tooth repair and dental crown installation, Roland Park Dentistry specializes in providing exceptional patient care above all else, especially when bonding and contouring teeth.

Take a look at the basics about the dental bonding and contouring services provided by our team here at Matthew Wallengren, DDS.

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Dental Bonding Services

Matthew Wallengren, DDS offers professional, expert dental bonding services. Got questions? Here are some FAQs about the dental bonding process.

What is it? Dental bonding consists of the application of a resin-based, tooth-like material to an existing tooth, cured with a UV light to provide a nearly seamless look, feel, and function.

What is it used for? Dental bonding is often used when repairing teeth damaged by chipping or tooth decay and is also a common alternative to veneers in a comprehensive smile makeover.

What are the benefits? Dental bonding is quite inexpensive compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, and can usually be done in only a single office visit.

Are there any drawbacks? The material used in bonding is slightly less durable than tooth enamel, so care must be taken to avoid biting non-food objects, or habits such as biting pens or fingernails.

Whether a tooth has been chipped in an accident, or simply requires reshaping for aesthetic appeal, Dr. Wallengren can provide a nearly painless, professional solution.

dental bonding by matthew wallengren dds
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Dental Contouring Services

Matthew Wallengren, DDS also specializes in dental contouring services. Here are some commonly-asked questions about dental contouring.

What is it? Dental contouring involves the gentle removal of several layers of tooth enamel via laser or drill, in order to reshape a tooth and provide a more aesthetically appealing appearance.

What is it used for? Dental contouring is mainly used during smile makeovers, providing a more pleasing tooth shape and appearance.

What are the benefits? Dental contouring is non-invasive and can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. This makes it a good choice for patients who only have minor cosmetic dental problems, and don’t require a more comprehensive solution such as veneers or dental bonding.

Are there any drawbacks? Cosmetic dental contouring requires the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel, so patients must take care to keep their teeth healthy after the procedure, and avoid further tooth decay.

Matthew Wallengren, DDS is the leading Baltimore dentist for dental contouring services. Dr. Wallengren focuses on removing only the bare minimum of enamel required to reshape teeth, ensuring that teeth remain healthy and strong after the procedure.

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A leader in his field, Dr. Wallengren has provided expert cosmetic and reconstructive dental care for over 15 years, and he has the skills and expertise necessary to ensure patient comfort during dental bonding and contouring procedures.

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