What is digital dentistry, and how does it help improve the smile?

At the practice of Matthew Wallengren, DDS of Baltimore, Maryland, patients can obtain comprehensive care with our experienced professionals. We focus on ensuring all our services are both safe and effective for our patients. This is why we are excited and pleased to offer digital dentistry, specifically through digital radiographs and intraoral scanning to replace conventional messy impressions.

How do digital radiographs differ from traditional dental X-rays?

Analog X-rays use film that must be developed in a dark room, which can take several minutes. Digital radiographs, on the other hand, are immediately available for viewing on a computer screen. This means that your dentist can get a clearer image of your teeth much faster, which is vital for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment planning. Our team can save these photographs onto the computer for easy access later, especially when comparing conditions over time. Monitoring cavities and areas where changes are occurring is easy with these digital images readily available to view.

What are the safety advantages of digital radiography?

There are also some safety advantages to digital radiography. Traditional X-rays require exposure to more radiation than digital X-rays. With digital radiography, this exposure is significantly reduced, making it a safer option for everyone involved. Dental X-rays often have little radiation exposure, but avoiding excess radiation wherever possible is always best. Additional images can be taken using digital radiographs without the risks associated with conventional X-ray radiation exposure.

Dr. Matthew Wallengren is excited to offer digital dentistry solutions such as digital radiographs to make diagnosing dental problems easier and safer! If you want to learn more about how we use today’s amazing technology to diagnose, prevent, and treat dental concerns, call the office at (410) 431-1868. Our office is located at 1421 Clarkview Road, Suite 120, and is open to new and returning patients ready for comprehensive dental care.