Supporting a comfortable experience at our office and effective treatment with digital x-rays

Dental technologies are more than impressive tools to show off. To the team at Matthew Wallengren, DDS, they are a powerful ally in our pursuit of the most comfortable, precise, safe, and stress-free experience for our patients in Roland Park and the greater Baltimore, Maryland, metro area. Notably, Dr. Wallengren has invested in digital radiography

Better known as “digital x-rays,” these systems use sensors linked to a computer instead of traditional film-based x-rays to render very detailed and clear images of oral and maxillofacial tissues and structures. These systems are also designed to emit less radiation than their older, film-based counterparts. This feature makes digital radiography an appropriate alternative for many patients, including children. Unlike conventional x-ray processing, images can be rendered, shared, stored, and recovered quickly and securely. Plus, since digital technologies do not rely on traditional films, this form of radiography is considered a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for dental offices looking to minimize and better manage their waste. 

Patients further appreciate that both extraoral and intraoral exams are comfortable and fast. Intraoral refers to x-rays produced inside the mouth, while extraoral radiography refers to those x-rays that are taken outside the mouth. Extraoral x-rays may be particularly appropriate for individuals with difficulty holding the sensor in place in their mouths. Challenges to this diagnostic process can be presented by missing teeth or a bad gag reflex. A bad gag reflex has also made it difficult for patients to get traditional x-rays with bitewings. It is essential to get a variety of different images from various angles. That way, no part of the mouth is ignored, and no potentially destructive condition goes undetected. 

Furthermore, since digital tools are renowned for the clear images they produce, our patients have peace of mind that their diagnosis is accurate and based on trusted, comprehensive, and detailed information about their mouths. Hidden decay and other destructive or dangerous abnormalities and lesions are detected accurately and quickly and inform treatment plans that effectively resolve the underlying condition and its troubling or disruptive symptoms. 

We could go on and on about the benefits of technologies that complement, support, and enhance our warm, relationship-based, and professional approach to care. However, we encourage you to experience these defining technologies and processes yourself. Call our office in the Roland Park area of North Baltimore, MD, to schedule your visit at (410) 431-1868 or reach out to us via this website.