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Digital Radiography

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Digital Dentistry in Roland Park

Baltimore dentist Matthew Wallengren, DDS is dedicated to providing advanced oral care using modern techniques and technology.

Using advanced digital radiographs, our practice can provide you with a truly comprehensive view of your oral health. Combined with an intraoral and extraoral exam, our radiographic exam provides us with a truly superb understanding of your oral health.

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Understanding Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is an advanced imaging system that uses X-rays to view, analyze and diagnose dental and oral health issues. Using X-rays as well as a specialized digital display, digital radiography offers high-resolution imaging that is available for analysis almost instantly.

In addition, digital image transfer and enhancement can be used to enhance the quality of images and reduce “noise” providing a more accurate diagnosis.

While traditional radiography is effective at diagnosing oral health issues, it uses photographic film to capture X-rays. The chemical processing of film takes quite a bit of time, and is less convenient for doctors and patients.

dental bonding by matthew wallengren dds

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The time savings, efficiency and high-resolution diagnostic capabilities of digital radiography make it an incredible tool for Dr. Wallengren.