Dr. Matthew Wallengren

About Dr. Matthew Wallengren

Dr. Matthew Wallengren is a proponent of quality, comprehensive dental care. It is what he would expect if he were looking for a dentist, and is, therefore, what he provides to his patients. His approach is thorough and thoughtful, so nothing is missed by focusing on just one area of the mouth.

In 1999, Dr. Wallengren graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School of Dentistry with academic and prosthodontic honors. His residency was complete during 2000 at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When Dr. Wallengren is not in the office caring for his patients, he is doing CrossFit or spending time with his wife, Susanne, and their two children. Susanne is a pediatric dentist and owner of the well respected Joppa Green Pediatric Dentistry. Their family enjoys an active life in and around Baltimore and traveling up to New England to visit more family and friends.

In the Community

By teaming up with one of his patients who is a journalist, Dr. Wallengren has been able to provide assistance to those with dental needs in his community. Together, they identify underserved people and Dr. Wallengren offers his services on a pro bono basis. Community is an extremely important part of the culture at Matthew Wallengren, DDS, and the staff is always looking for ways to give back!

Dr. Wallengren sees opportunities every day to give back – whether it is spending a little extra time with a patient to ensure comfort and ease, or providing his expertise and services to those with limited access, people come first at Matthew Wallengren, DDS.

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Dr. Matthew Wallengren checking dental crowns