Your gums deserve TLC, too! A guide to preserving periodontal health and preventing gum disease

Individuals in and around Baltimore, Towson, Sparks, and greater central Maryland frequently refer their family members and friends to the office of Matthew Wallengren, DDS in Roland Park. To Dr. Wallengren and our team, this is the ultimate compliment and utmost validation that our approach to dental care really works! Patients trust our preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative therapies so much that they are willing to pass our name on to their loved ones. 

Our proactive approach to care is powerful and resonates with our valued patients and their families. We view each relationship through the lens of preventing periodontal (gum) and dental (tooth) problems. We detect those issues early if problems still arise with our best efforts, notably ongoing exams, and screenings. Such early detection informs early interventions that halt progressive oral conditions such as gum disease. 

TLC for our gums

The soft tissues or gums surround and protect our teeth. They help to provide structure to the teeth, which further supports healthy functions such as chewing food and speaking clearly. Healthy gums are generally pink and red in color. They firmly hug the teeth. Gum tissue remains healthy as long as it is cared for consistently and properly with cleaning techniques at home and at the dentist’s office. The gums and other tissues that can attract harmful bacteria, food particles, and plaque should be brushed and cleaned. It is not sufficient to merely brush your teeth. Daily flossing also removes the substances that linger after brushing and helps to minimize the risk of developing cavities or gum disease. Standard professional cleanings are necessary to remove stubborn plaque. This “tartar” or plaque build-up cannot be removed with toothbrushes and home cleaning techniques alone.

Inconsistent or poor oral hygiene and other risk factors can lead to the development of gingival inflammation. This early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) is often asymptomatic. If symptoms are present, they tend to be subtle and easily ignored. So, by the time patients notice swelling, blood on their toothbrush, or discomfort when cleaning their mouths, irreparable damage may have already occurred. Now, the effects of gingivitis can be resolved and even reversed with guidance on oral care products and cleaning techniques. Depending on your needs, a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing that removes bacteria beneath the gum line may be all that is necessary to heal your gums and stop the disease from progressing to its advanced form. Periodontitis is characterized by tissue loss; once the supportive bone is gone, it is gone for good. Those individuals with more severe forms of gum disease may require more intensive therapies, such as procedures to regenerate deteriorated gum tissue or bone. 

Gum disease is a progressive condition. That means we have many opportunities to partner with you to stop the “worst” from occurring. Preserve your comfortable, beautiful, and healthy smile. Let’s get you into a preventative routine of regular dental check-ups at our office. Call (410) 431-1868 to schedule your visit at the office of Matthew Wallengren, DDS, in North Baltimore, MD.

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