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At Matthew Wallengren, DDS, patients are our premier focus.

We want each patient to know how important they are, and to receive the best dental treatment possible. To help our patients, we strive to provide as many services in a single location as possible.

Our goal is to make Matthew Wallengren, DDS the office you trust and turn to for your oral health needs. We take the time to ensure that each patient receives the education and information they need to understand treatment recommendations.

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About Dr. Wallengren

Helping You Achieve Your Healthiest Smile

Dr. Wallengren has always had a passion for science and design. Early in his career, he utilized these skills as an art major and landscape architect. While he loved the creative freedom he had, he wanted to find a way to use his art and engineering background to help others.

Dr. Wallengren created the perfect avenue to express this desire when he went back to school and earned his dental degree with honors from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. He can now utilize his talents to help those in his community look and feel better about themselves, while improving their overall oral health.

Dr. Matthew Wallengren