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We look forward to building meaningful relationships with each of our patients so that you feel assured that all of your questions, concerns, and needs are answered and met. Give our team at Matthew Wallengren, DDS a call at (410) 435-1234 to schedule your appointment!

New Patients

Our entire team is dedicated to making your experience with us positive and enjoyable.

Your new patient experience starts with a comprehensive exam. The examination is a co-discovery process meaning you are part of the exam. This exam is one of the most important steps in understanding your dental health and will include any necessary radiographs, screening for oral cancer and gum disease, photographs of your teeth, and an evaluation of your bite and jaw joint. Whatever your goals are concerning your dental health, we are her to help you.

After the completion of your examination, we will discuss your goals and your dental needs. We will answer your questions and concerns, and then we will outline the estimated time and costs for the treatment you choose. Financial arrangements, including answers to questions about any insurance coverage you might have, are made with our patient care coordinator before any treatment begins.

Modern dentistry provides many alternatives for your comfort and the longevity of your dental health. Prevention helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having a healthy, confident and beautiful smile.

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