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Tissue Reshaping

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Laser Assisted Tissue Reshaping

There are numerous benefits that come along with having your gums reshaped. You may have struggled with gum disease, or you may simply be unhappy with the way your gums wrap the ends of your teeth. No matter why you may want to have your gums shapelier, the experienced professionals here at Matthew Wallengren, DDS can help.

Benefits of Getting Your Gums Reshaped

When you get your gums reshaped, they can dramatically improve the overall look of your smile. When gums are disproportionately covering the teeth, it can make your teeth appear unhealthy. By getting them reshaped, this can restore your confidence to smile.
Lasers allow us to reshape your gums without the normal pain that was associated with this procedure for many years. For most of our patients, this beautiful procedure gives them nearly instant results with very little, if any, pain. Many of our patients have spoken about not feeling any discomfort at all with the procedure, making it one of the easiest and fastest options available to improve the overall look of your smile.

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Less Side Effects

By using a laser, we can reshape your gums without the typical bleeding and swelling that would normally come with the use of a scalpel. If we had to cut your gums, chances are we would not get a very uniform look on every single one of your teeth. This is because as the gums healed, some of them would retract differently than the others. However, since we use a laser, we can ensure that your gums will have a uniformly healthy appearance.

We can also help ensure that your smile will be healthier by us using a laser. The laser we use instantly kills all bacteria on the gums on contact. This means that when your procedure is over, you have a very tiny chance of any infection coming after the procedure. This is not the case with a scalpel, as that actually gives any oral bacteria access to your bloodstream.

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Cosmetic Makeover

Gum reshaping can be done on its own, or in tandem with other cosmetic procedures. We have quite a few patients that have this done prior to getting veneers or bonding done on their teeth. This allows them to go from having minor imperfections in both their teeth and in their gums, to having a nearly flawless smile. All of that with very little pain and a relatively short period of time.

If you want to find out more about how your smile could be improved through laser assisted gum reshaping, then contact our office. We can bring you in to speak with Dr. Wallengren, and he can break down the benefits you could see from getting your gums reshaped. If you want a gorgeous smile that looks healthy and will exude confidence, this could be the ideal procedure to get!