Restoring gum health, a balanced, beautiful smile with a range of therapies (including laser-assisted treatment!)

The teeth in our smile fittingly get a lot of attention. But they are not the only features that deserve some TLC. The gums surround, support, and protect our teeth. They also “frame” the teeth and can either contribute favorably to or detract from an aesthetically pleasing smile. The good news is that if your gums have sustained damage or have always been bothersome, Matthew Wallengren, DDS can restore or achieve a healthy structure and function and a beautiful and balanced appearance. 

Soft tissue gum reshaping 

Depending on your needs, Baltimore, Maryland, area patients can benefit from Dr. Wallengren’s array of expertise in periodontal or gum therapies. Furthermore, investments in cutting-edge technologies complement our conservative, precise, safe, and gentle approach to periodontal care. Notably, laser-assisted treatments support the most comfortable, pleasant, and convenient experience at our office in Roland Park. 

By their very nature, lasers also minimize or avoid many sources or triggers of dental apprehension and fear. Instead of relying on cutting instruments, light-touch laser devices can be pinpointed to alter or reshape targeted tissues without surgical excision or traditional tools like scalpels. Since the lasers are directed precisely toward the treatment sites, they are not invasive and support a pain-free procedure. Because the treatment does not cause pain, a localized anesthetic is not necessary. Furthermore, laser gum therapies minimize bleeding and other undesirable side effects such as discomfort. They also promote fast and natural healing. Due to these and other reasons, our patients are not at risk of complications associated with earlier-generation procedures or traditional techniques. They appreciate that there is little to nothing to recover from, and no downtime is required. 

For the utmost peace of mind, our team provides detailed and clear instructions on what to expect before, during, and after treatment. 

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Imagine just about any way that your gums can be altered. Does your smile look “long in the tooth”? You may have receding gums. We can build up and regenerate new gum tissue. Have you always hated your gummy smile? We can treat gingival overgrowth or hyperplasia to achieve a more balanced and healthy smile. Are your gums suddenly painful and inflamed? Our range of nonsurgical and surgical periodontal therapies are available to address your specific needs and to get you out of pain and back to smiling again in no time. 

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