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Baltimore Dentist | Dental Photography – The Power Of Pictures!

BlogAt the office of Matthew Wallengren, DDS, we use the latest dental technology to provide you with the very best level of care in Baltimore. One of the most powerful tools we use during our comprehensive dentistry procedures is dental photography.

Dental photography is very valuable, as both a diagnostic and informative tool. Using advanced cameras and digital technology, we can capture high-quality images of your mouth, and use them to gain a better understanding of your oral health.

What Is Dental Photography?

Dental photography is the practice of using high-quality digital cameras to capture images of the mouth.

Traditionally, dental photography has been performed with professional-grade digital cameras, like DSLRs. Using a specialized lighting attachment and a variety of intraoral mirrors, your dentist can capture photos of the interior of your mouth.

However, dental photography can also use specialized intra-oral cameras. These cameras are specifically designed to capture high-quality images and video of the oral cavity, allowing dentists to take oral photographs more quickly.

How Does Dental Photography Help Dentists?

Dental photography helps dentists in a number of ways.

Allows for better record-keeping – Taking oral photographs is a great way for a dentist to capture a “snapshot” of your oral health. After oral photographs have been taken during several dental appointments, your dentist can quickly compare your current photographs to photos that were taken in the past.

This is especially helpful when patients switch dentists. New dentists get x-rays, oral photographs, and other helpful information that can help them quickly understand a patient’s current oral health.

Higher resolution than the naked eye – Even when using magnifying tools, it can be difficult for a dentist to get a clear look at some parts of your mouth.

Digital oral photographs can be used to take close-up shots of specific areas of the mouth, where issues like periodontal disease or tooth decay may be hard to detect. This makes them a very valuable diagnostic tool.

Helps patients understand their oral health – Oral photographs are a great way for dentists to discuss oral health with their patients. Using oral photography, dentists can take comprehensive pictures of a patient’s mouth, and discuss their findings with visual aids.

Photos allow patients to learn more about their teeth, gums, and any potential dental issues. They can see things that they normally would never encounter during a standard oral exam.

Visit Dr. Matthew Wallengren For Quality Dental Photography In Baltimore!

Dental photography is an extremely beneficial tool for informing patients, diagnosing difficult-to-detect health issues, and providing you with more comprehensive dental records.

If you’re looking for a Baltimore dentist who uses high-quality dental photography as a part of their dental treatment plan, Dr. Matthew H. Wallengren can help! During your appointment, Dr. Wallengren will use sophisticated oral photography equipment to take pictures of all the different teeth in your mouth.

Give us a call at (410) 435-1234 to schedule an appointment, or come to our office, located at 600 Wyndhurst Ave, Suite 270, Baltimore, MD 21210.

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